HUMAN Protocol SDK

Welcome to the documentation of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for HUMAN Protocol. This SDK empowers developers like you to interact with and harness the power of our blockchain protocol. Whether you are a seasoned blockchain developer or just starting your journey into decentralized applications, this documentation will serve as your indispensable guide.
The HUMAN Protocol SDK is designed to provide a robust and user-friendly set of tools, libraries, and documentation that enable the seamless integration of your applications with our blockchain protocol. By leveraging the capabilities of this SDK, you can interact with the protocol in a secure and efficient manner.
In this documentation, you will find comprehensive guides and examples that cover every aspect of the HUMAN Protocol SDK.
Furthermore, we understand that developers often face unique challenges during the development process. That's why this documentation includes troubleshooting guides and FAQs to help you overcome common hurdles and ensure a smooth development experience. Additionally, we encourage you to actively participate in our vibrant developer community, where you can engage with like-minded individuals, seek assistance, and share your insights and experiences.


The SDK is divided into different modules based on the purpose of use, allowing you to interact with each of the existing contracts of the protocol and some off chain tools and services:
  • Encryption: encryption utility to encrypt/decrypt and sign/verify messages and secure protocol.
  • Escrow: escrows creation and escrow contract interaction.
  • KVStore: contract interaction with key value storage on chain.
  • Staking: staking contract interaction.
  • Storage: s3 client and utilities for files sharing.
Last modified 2mo ago