Retrieve the contract interface of a given contract.

  • Parameters: contract_entrypoint – the entrypoint of the JSON.

  • Returns: The contract interface containing the contract abi.

human_protocol_sdk.utils.get_data_from_subgraph(url, query, params=None)


Retrieve the ERC20 interface.

  • Returns: The ERC20 interface of smart contract.


Retrieve the RewardPool interface.

  • Returns: The RewardPool interface of smart contract.


Retrieve the EscrowFactory interface.

  • Returns: The EscrowFactory interface of smart contract.

human_protocol_sdk.utils.get_hmt_balance(wallet_addr, token_addr, w3)

Get hmt balance

  • Parameters:

    • wallet_addr – wallet address

    • token_addr – ERC-20 contract

    • w3 – Web3 instance

  • Returns: Decimal with HMT balance


Retrieve the KVStore interface.

  • Returns: The KVStore interface of smart contract.


Retrieve the RewardPool interface.

  • Returns: The RewardPool interface of smart contract.


Retrieve the Staking interface.

  • Returns: The Staking interface of smart contract.

human_protocol_sdk.utils.handle_transaction(w3, tx_name, tx, exception, tx_options)

Executes the transaction and waits for the receipt.

  • Parameters:

    • w3 (Web3) – Web3 instance

    • tx_name (str) – Name of the transaction

    • tx – Transaction object

    • exception (Exception) – Exception class to raise in case of error

    • tx_options (Optional[TxParams]) – (Optional) Additional transaction parameters

      • If provided, can include values like ‘gas’, ‘gas_price’, ‘nonce’, etc

      • If ‘gas’ is not specified or is None, it will be estimated using tx.estimate_gas()

  • Returns: The transaction receipt

  • Validate:

    • There must be a default account

human_protocol_sdk.utils.parse_transfer_transaction(hmtoken_contract, tx_receipt)

  • Return type: Tuple[bool, Optional[int]]


Gets the url string.

  • Parameters: url (str) – Public or private url address

  • Return type: bool

  • Returns: True if url is valid

  • Raises: ValidationFailure – If the url is invalid

human_protocol_sdk.utils.with_retry(fn, retries=3, delay=5, backoff=2)

Retry a function

Mainly used with handle_transaction to retry on case of failure. Uses expnential backoff.

  • Parameters:

    • fn – to run with retry logic.

    • retries – number of times to retry the transaction

    • delay – time to wait (exponentially)

    • backoff – defines the rate of grow for the exponential wait.

  • Returns: False if transaction never succeeded, otherwise the return of the function

  • Note: If the partial returns a Boolean and it happens to be False, we would not know if the tx succeeded and it will retry.

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